Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The Fintech Facilitation Office (FFO) of the HKMA was established in March 2016 to facilitate the healthy development of the Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong and to promote Hong Kong as a Fintech hub in Asia.

Among other things, the new office acts as

  1. A platform for exchanging ideas of innovative Fintech initiatives among key stakeholders and conducting outreaching activities;
  2. An interface between market participants and regulators within the HKMA to help improve the industry’s understanding about the parts of the regulatory landscape which are relevant to them; and
  3. An initiator of industry research in potential application and risks of Fintech solutions.

Please visit http://www.hkma.gov.hk/eng/key-functions/international-financial-centre/fintech-facilitation-office-ffo.shtml for more information about the FFO.

Fintech Facilitation Office

Internship Duration: 1 year
Internship Period: Any time within 1/7/2017 – 31/8/2018

Job Duties

To support the various functions of the Fintech Facilitation Office in
  • Conducting research into Fintech and its impacts, and reporting to management on issues. The range of research may include:
    1. policy research on Fintech including international developments;
    2. legal and regulatory implications in using and implementing Fintech;
    3. proof of concept studies (such as blockchain, data analytics, data visualisation, open API etc.) on Fintech.
  • Assisting in the management of the innovation hub and monitoring its uses;
  • Assisting in the organisation of Fintech events and outreach programmes;
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Chief Fintech Officer.


  1. Education Background:
    • PG or 3rd year UG students
  2. Disciplines Preferred:
    • All disciplines
  3. Technical Skills:
    • General IT knowledge;
    • General IT security knowledge;
    • General compliance knowledge or experience (desirable); and
    • General banking knowledge or experience (desirable).
  4. Language Proficiency:
    • Good command of written and spoken English
    • Good command of written Chinese and spoken Cantonese; and
    • Good command of spoken Mandarin an advantage
  5. Others:
    • The position may interest cross-disciplines students with a mixture of technology, public policy, law and business interests/background;
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
    • Self-motivated, hardworking, attentive, dedicated to work and proactive;
    • Capable of self-directed learning; and
    • Good organization and communication skills.